EVOS M7000 Imaging System

  • FT-IR spectroscopy
    1. EVOS M7000 Imaging System EVOS M7000 Imaging System

      (Automated Cell Fluorescence Microscope)

      The Invitrogen EVOS M7000 imaging system delivers high-performance, fast and automated imaging. The system has the ability to simplify image tilting, z-stacking and cell-based imaging applications.

    2. Configuration and Performance

      1. EVOS M7000 Electric Stage Microscope Body

      2. 3.2 MP sCMOS Monochrome camera & 3.2MP CMOS Camera

      3. Objective - 4X Fluorite PH 0.13NA/16.9

      4. Objective - 10X Fluorite PH 0.25NA/9.2

      5. Objective - 20X Fluorite PH 0.40NA/3.1

      6. Objective - 40X Fluorite PH 0.65NA/1.6

      7. Objective - 40X Fluorite 0.75NA/0.72

      8. Fluorescent Light Cube (fluorescent filter system)- DAPI 2.0

      9. Fluorescent Light Cube (fluorescent filter system) - GFP 2.0

      10. Fluorescent light cube (fluorescent filter system)- RFP 2.0

      11. Fluorescent light cube (fluorescent filter system)- TxRed 2.0

      12. Vessel HOLDER PACK

      13. Celleste 6.0 Image Only Analysis Program

      14. 2D Deconvolution module

      15. 3D Deconvolution module

      16. Computer system for data analysis and storage, etc

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