UV-visible Spectrophotometer

  • Uv-visible spectrophotometer
    1. Spectrophotometer

      (Biochrom Libra S50)

      Biochrom Libra S50 can determine the electronic structural properties of molecules and is used in qualitative analysis for molecular structural analysis (comprehensive interpretation of the separation form of the band of the maximum absorption wavelength absorbance ε). It is also widely used for purity verification and quantitative analysis.

    2. Configuration and Performance

      1. Double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer covering 190-1100nm

      2. 1nm bandwidth and toluene hexane ratio >2.0 for full EP compliance

      3. Colour Touch screen display with easy to use software built in

      4. USB ports for method and result storage plus connection to a PC

      5. Resolution PC software included. Optional 21CFRpart 11 compliance

      6. Available with built in thermal printer, Bluetooth® or both.

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