Personalized Cancer Drug

  • Primary Culture of Lung Tumor and Stem Cell

    폐종양 및 줄기세포 일차배양
    9 days
  • Co-culture of Patient-derived Lung Cancer Cell and Stem Cell (Education)

    환자유래 폐암세포와 줄기세포의 공배양 (Education)
    1 day
  • Extraction of Extosome and Synthesis of Liposome

    엑토좀 추출 및 리포좀 합성
    1 day
  • Evaluation of Targeting Ability and Anti-Cancer Efficacy (QC)

    표적 및 항암능력 평가(QC)

    Microfluidic mixing process

    Microfluidic mixing 과정
    2 days
  • Personalized
    Target Therapy
    by Ecto-Liposome

    환자 맞춤형 복합 종양 표적 엑토-리포좀 약물
    Total time required
    approximately 2 weeks